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A Taste Of Family

Our Story

Cooking is my passion.
Maybe because the happiest memories in my life include being in the kitchen, cooking with my mother, grandmother and siblings. Growing up in a large Italian-American family is something I would not change for anything. Every celebration, every birthday, every milestone, every holiday was celebrated with and centered around food! Even our weeknight dinner was like attending a grand celebration, after all there were an intimate 10 of us for dinner every night. My 6 siblings, parents, grandmother and I, all lived under one roof. We ate dinner together every night. Sometimes I don’t know how my mother did it, day after day, meal after meal always keeping it interesting and of course, delicious!
We had the house, as humble as it was, that always entertained and was known for an incredible spread of delicious home-cooked food and desserts one end of the table to the other. No one left my mother’s house hungry or empty-handed. So, it seemed only natural that more than one of us siblings followed in the footsteps of my mother and grandmother and embraced the culinary world with such enthusiasm. What follows here is a life time of cooking knowledge, first as a home cook, and then more seriously as a professional, bringing with us over 3 generations of recipes and traditions. We are so happy you joined us and we promise to do everything we can to make your visit an enjoyable one. From our family to yours, con amore, Della Cucina

life is too short to eat bad food

Old Fashioned Family Cooking

My grandmother did not have any written recipes, everything we made was from her memory, homemade pasta and ravioli were like second nature to her. I can remember watching her make pasta dough starting with the mound of flour on the counter, no mixing bowl, no recipe,no utensils, she would add the ingredients into the center of the flour mound and start mixing it carefully not to spring a leak in the flour like dam. I was in awe of her and how she taught us how to make home made cavatelli on the side of a grate as if she invented the technique. Even though she has been gone almost 30 years, I remember these things like they happened yesterday. Memories like this remind me why tradition is so important. Carrying on these traditions from generation to generation is very important to us and we hope that you are reminded a little bit of your own family traditions while you enjoy some of ours.

Our Specialties

Every Italian-American family has their own “traditional dishes”, dishes that they are known for and are ones that are requested over and over again by friends and family alike, and ours is no different. In our long list of specialties may we recommend our meatballs and Sunday gravy or our handmade, light as air manicotti filled with 3 cheeses and baked to perfection or perhaps our eggplant towers, fried and filled with 3 cheeses and topped with marinara. Maybe you are more of a soup person, then may we suggest any of our homemade soups and especially our Sicilian egg drop soup or our pasta e fagioli in a rich white broth with creamy northern beans and ditalini pasta. Because we always encourage you to save room for dessert, our tiramisu with layers of mascarpone mousse and coffee liquor-soaked lady fingers are the authentic dessert it was meant to be or how about our creamy vanilla bean rice pudding with just a touch of cinnamon and white raisins or our amazing, creamy cheesecake with a touch of lemon or sometimes topped with fruit. If you are having a hard time deciding, don’t worry, we encourage you to work your way through our menu, one dish and dessert at a time!